Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Soundtrack of Parenthood

Music is the soundtrack of our lives. - Dick Clark.

I love music. It flows through my veins like coffee and rejuvenates my soul. One good song on the radio can turn around my whole day. (Yes, I actually still listen to the radio in the car. After getting everyone locked and loaded in their car seats, it feels like so much effort to queue up Pandora for a 15 minute drive to preschool and I need something to drown out the insanity coming from the back seat.) If I can’t even put forth the effort to turn on Pandora in the car, you can imagine the amount of effort I put into seeking out up and coming bands. (Hint: zero effort.) So I’ve found myself listening to…Classics? Oldies? Anyway you put it I sound like I’m ancient. Let’s just call my music collection vintage. It’s like wine. It gets better with age.

So what might the vintage soundtrack of my life sound like, you ask? Currently, my life revolves around the exhilarating and yet exhausting task of taming my two little dare devils. We get up early, we eat, we play, we laugh, we destroy, we sit in timeout, we cry, we nap, we eat some more, we splash, we sleep and then we do it all over again. Lather, rinse, repeat. I eat sleep and breathe parenting. So naturally, the soundtrack of my life is about the madness, the chaos, the sleeplessness, of parenting. Put on your dancing shoes, ladies!

 I Wanna be Sedated – The Ramones

After surviving the dinner rush, the tsunami that is bath time, and then wrestling them into their jammies, I need a VERY big glass of wine.

Where is my Mind – The Pixies

No seriously. Where is my mind? Maybe with my keys?

Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne

All aboard! This one is particularly awesome played at maximum volume on the seventh hour of an eight hour car trip.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones

The seventeenth time my son asks me why he can’t have candy for breakfast I usually just break into this song. One afternoon I caught him singing it to himself in his room. For about 30 seconds, I won at parenting.

It’s the End of the World as We Know it – REM

If you’ve ever had a toddler… you’d know that running out of goldfish is the end of the world as we know it. And pineapple with breakfast (even though you LOVE pineapple.) And watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when you NEED Thomas the Train.

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

This is such a feel good power ballad. Your child will eat their vegetables without protest one day. Just don’t stop believing my friend.

We’re not Gonna Take it – Twisted Sister

Sometimes parents just have to make a stand. GO. TO. SLEEP.

No Sleep ‘til Brooklyn – Beastie Boys

Sometimes children make a stand. And there’s no sleep ‘til Brooklyn.

This post was originally featured at Mom of the Year. For a less serious look at the world of parenting, meet Meredith

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