Mondays Are Forever
Motherhood makes me feel like I'm lost in a cycle of perpetual Mondays. I know I wouldn't trade this gig for anything, but I feel like it has consumed me and that little remains of my former self. I struggle find the balance between the mother I am and the wife, daughter, sister, friend and woman I once was. And so, Mondays Are Forever was born; a place to celebrate the joys of motherhood and rekindle the singular woman I spent so many years learning to love. 
Here, I take small moments for the pleasures that have been forgotten on the road to parenthood. Books, music, delicious food, crafts, and of course, wine. I'd love to hear about the most recent book you've only had time to read seven pages of. And about the new recipe you tried that was more than just edible. Have you heard any new songs that make you want to dance in a manner that mortifyingly embarrasses your children? Tell me about it. 
And if not, I hope you find some adult conversation here. I often commiserate about the less than perfect moments of parenthood - the toys I've stepped on, the curse words that were repeated and the wine that washed it all away. I laugh about my shortcomings. I share my joys. And I'm dying to hear about the most ridiculous things your kids did at 5:45am this morning.

It may be Saturday, but I know you were up before the sun. Meet you at the coffee pot.

My friends call me Alisa. My kids call me Mom or Mrs. Boss, if they can manage. I'm the stay-at-home-mom of two adorable boys, a precious little girl, and wife to Mister Sir. In a previous life, I was an elementary school teacher and an advocate for homeless families. Now I spend my copious amounts of free time (ha!) hanging out with my kiddos, cooking, reading, crafting, sewing and consuming incredible amounts of coffee. 

Mister Sir is my favorite and only husband. He is an amazing combination of both brawn and brains and I feel lucky to have snatched up such a great guy. He's a number cruncher by day and a mechanic, contractor, and super dad by night.

Dash is almost five. He is equal parts dashing (hence the nickname) and ridiculous. He's chalk-full of hilarious one-liners and ensures my days are never dull. At 18 months old he waltzed out of an obstetrician's office brimming with ladies and stopped at every office to wave and blow kisses. Now he's found a passion for how things work and it's amazing to watch the wheels whirring as his little mind grows.

Knox (as in daredevil and funnyman Johnny Knoxville) is three. He's one of the toughest kids I know and is constantly climbing trees, or jumping from the highest, most unstable structures he can find. To make matters worse, he has long eyelashes and blue eyes that will charm you silly as he scampers off to make trouble. He thinks he is bigger than his big brother and knows he can do everything better. But at heart, he's a big snuggler and a mama's boy. 

Buttercup is 4 months old. She's the happiest baby you've ever met...until she's not. When she's mad, she's REALLY mad. With two big brothers and a strong willed mother I imagine she'll be a force to be reckoned with when she gets older. Beautiful and totally badass. I'm in trouble. 

Five random things about me:

1. Mister Sir and I met and married in a year. I was never a believer in "when you know, you know" until it happened to me. We've been married almost eight years.
2. Brevity is a concept I struggle to comprehend. I'm the longwinded type. I apologize in advance.
3. I'm a native Californian and I've lived here most of my life.
4. When Mister Sir and I were married, I could make 3 meals from scratch. I made it my mission to be a better cook and I've come a long way.  I love cooking, preferably with wine and without toddlers.
5. We own (what turned out to be the craziest) fixer-upper house. Last January we had no wall and no sink in our kitchen for several months during an impromptu, emergency kitchen remodel. It's still not 100% done.

Note: The names of my children have been changed to provide them some anonymity. Perhaps they won't want to be internet famous when they are grown, so like superheroes only their tales will be told; their true identities will forever remain a mystery.

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